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DriveMyWay Trip Recording

Learn common reasons why the MyAmFamDrive app may not be recording your DriveMyWay trips and how to fix them.

Top Reasons Your DriveMyWay Trips Aren’t Being Recorded

Enrolled in American Family’s DriveMyWay program but having trouble recording trips through the MyAmFamDrive app? One of the reasons below could be keeping you from earning your car insurance discount. Keep reading for possible quick fixes!

The App Is Not Installed on Your Phone

When you signed up for the DriveMyWay program, you should have received a text invite to download the MyAmFamDrive app. You must download and install the app on your smartphone to record driving trips.

Once enrolled, each participating driver needs to download and install the MyAmFamDrive app to their smartphone within the first 28 days to properly record trips — and receive the introductory discount!* If you don’t download and log in to the MyAmFamDrive app within 28 days after enrolling, you will be unenrolled from DriveMyWay, which could impact your rate.

Download the MyAmFamDrive app

Your Smartphone is Not Compatible or Needs to be Updated

Some smartphones don't have the proper software or hardware needed to record the trips you take. If you are receiving emails or texts about trips not recording, one of these issues may be the problem.

  • Make sure your phone is updated to the most recent version of your operating system. For instructions, contact your phone provider.
  • If your operating system is updated to the most recent version, your phone may be incompatible. While the app store detects most incompatible phones and doesn't allow them to download the MyAmFamDrive app, some incompatible phones slip through. If none of the other issues on this page apply to you, please contact our support team at 1-800-692-6326 x73606 for assistance.

Your Permissions Are Not Set Correctly

For the app to work properly and to ensure you receive the best rate possible based on your driving behaviors, it’s important to set your MyAmFamDrive app permissions correctly. The app uses the information you provide to show your trip route on a map; calculate factors like speed and distance traveled; and automatically start and end trips.

If your permissions aren’t set correctly, you’ll receive a notification that will direct you to open the MyAmFamDrive app. When you open the app, you’ll see instructions on how to adjust your settings.

  • Required app permissions:
    • iOS (Apple)
      • Location (including Precise Location if available) — Required to record trips
      • Motion & Fitness — Required to track trip stops and starts
      • Notifications — Recommended to keep you informed of updates and what to do if the app isn’t working correctly
    • Android
      • Location (including Precise Location if available) — Required to record trips
      • Physical Activity — Required for reliable trip detection
      • Notifications — Recommended to keep you informed of updates and what to do if the app isn’t working correctly

Your Phone Is Offloading or Putting the App to Sleep

Different operating systems have methods of identifying apps that are running in the background. If a phone has certain settings enabled, the MyAmFamDrive app may automatically be turned off due to the phone’s operating system. You can change your settings to keep this from happening. Here’s how:

iOS (Apple)

  • Go to Settings > App Stores.
  • At the bottom of the screen, you should see “Offload Unused Apps.” Make sure this option is not active.


Different Android phones handle app offloading and sleep options differently. The following are the most common ways, though your phone might be slightly different:

Process 1

  • Go to Settings > Battery and device care > Battery > Background usage limits.
  • Deactivate the following:
    • Put unused apps to sleep.
      • Note: This will stop your phone from putting any apps to sleep. If you only want to prevent MyAmFamDrive from being put to sleep, tap the “Never sleeping apps” option and add MyAmFamDrive by tapping the “+” icon, tapping the MyAmFamDrive app, and tapping the “Add” option.
    • Auto disable unused apps.

Process 2

  • Go to Settings > Apps and find the MyAmFamDrive app.
  • Go to Battery.
    • For phones with a Manage battery usage section, choose Unrestricted.
    • For other phones, go to Battery Optimization.
      • Make sure the dropdown at the top of the list is set to All Apps.
      • Find your app again, tap it and make sure “Don’t Optimize” is selected.
      • Tap “Done.”

Process 3

  • Go to Settings > Device Care > Battery > More > Settings > Put Unused Apps to Sleep.
  • Turn off “Sleep Delay.”
    • On some devices you may see an option to disable “Put Unused Apps to Sleep.” If you have this, do the following:
      • Go to Settings > Battery.
      • Turn off the “Put Unused Apps to Sleep” option.

Your Phone Is Turned Off

The MyAmFamDrive app won’t record trips if your phone is turned off. Make sure your phone is turned on when you’re in the car to get credit for your safe driving!

Your Phone Battery Is Low or the Phone Is in Power-Saving Mode

If your phone battery is very low or if your phone is in power-saving mode, the MyAmFamDrive app may not record trips. Most phones allow you to set the percentage at which the battery saver turns on. To change the percentage, go to Settings > Battery on your phone.

You’ve Logged Out of the App

You may have logged out of the app temporarily and forgotten to log back in. Simply log back into the app so it can track your driving habits.

Your Phone Number Is Incorrect or Has Changed

It’s possible your number was entered incorrectly. Your agent can verify your number and help you make changes if needed. If you have a new phone number, please let your American Family agent know so they can update your account and get you back on the road to savings.

Have more questions about the app? Check out our FAQs!

Contact Us

We’re here for you every step of the way! If you have any issues with the app or need technical help, contact the DriveMyWay Support Center at 1-800-MYAMFAM (1-800-692-6326), ext. 73606 or DriveMyWay@amfam.com.