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3 Tips to Put Your Dream Center Stage

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As a finalist on NBC’s The Voice, Jon Mero knows a thing or two about pursuing a dream. And he’s got insight that we can all learn from. Check out his top 3 tips.

No dream is too big. Take it from Jon Mero, an all-around inspiring dreamer and a finalist on this season of NBC’s The Voice.

After years of juggling his dream with his day job and devoting his nights and weekends to his music, Jon has learned a thing or two about pursuing a goal, and he admits it’s no easy task. But through every obstacle, he’s persisted, and in every failure he’s found a path to the next success. Because in the end, it’s all about living your purpose — and the time he’s put in has finally paid off.

“I’ve been given a huge platform to be able to tell my story as an artist. To show the world who I am and what I want to bring to the world. In life, I want to be able to compliment the human experience through music, and this stage has and is doing something spectacular in my life,” says Jon.

An inspiring presence both on and off the stage, Jon has some invaluable insight that we can all learn from. Keep his tips in mind as you pursue your dream — a change in attitude can make all the difference.

Embrace your passion — and act on it! So many of us struggle to commit to our passion. We’re worried about the social, economic and lifestyle changes it could take to make our dream possible, but it’s important to be open and honest with yourself about your dream in order to live your best life. “The biggest thing is to understand and embrace what it is you want to do,” encourages Jon. “Dreaming is emotional. I mean, you’re thinking about who you want to be — what’s the legacy? Dreams have to turn into action. You have to care about what you want to do more than anything else. And you have to not care about being different and possibly not being a part of the big crowd.” So take little steps now to be true to your dream and, in turn, yourself.

Redefine success. Failure — it’s another big reason we shy away from pursuing a dream. There’s the constant nagging in the back of your head saying ‘what if I fail?’ But perhaps looking at your failures in a different way may help you anticipate and navigate through the hard times. “Success to me is learning new things and applying what you learn from life experiences into progression,” says Jon. “You cannot be successful without failure. Setbacks are indeed what teach us the most.”

Never give up. It’s a cliché for a reason, so take this tried-and-true advice. Because giving up is the #1 reason dreams go unachieved. “Do NOT let your fire go dim,” urges Jon. “Remember that the setbacks, or even long periods of confusion or feeling like you are completely immobile are all part of the process. Overcome the obstacles, don’t let them overcome you.”

Although it may not be your dream to take on the big stage, Jon’s advice can apply to any goal. So embrace your dream, take the small setbacks in stride and stick to it. You’ve got what it takes.

Want to learn more about Jon’s journey? Check out his conversation with Mitch Matthews (Opens in a new tab) on the Dream. Think. Do. (Opens in a new tab) Podcast and get inspired to dream fearlessly.

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