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7 Tips to Prevent Farm Theft

Updated January 1, 1 . AmFam Team

Check out these tips to help you proactively protect your farm against rural theft.

Protecting your property takes many different steps. While you’re on top of farm safety concerns, you have reliable farm insurance, and you are diligent in caring for your livestock, it’s now time to think about ways to prevent theft on the farm.

Fight back against rural crime and prevent farm theft by making your property less attractive, less accessible and adding protective measures. Our farm security tips can help you get started.

Lighting. Farms tend to cover quite a lot of space and be pretty dark at night, which can be very appealing to thieves. Adding permanent lighting, timed lights, and/or motion lights makes your property less vulnerable.

Hide what you can. There’s no reason to advertise big ticket and desirable items, so lock them up or at least hide them from public view when possible.

Lock it up. Get in the habit of locking everything and keeping track of who has keys. Consider adding lockable fuel caps if siphoning is a concern in your area.

Screen employees. Speaking key holders, if you have employees on your farm, it’s a good idea to conduct routine screenings. Crops, livestock and your livelihood depend on your staff.

Keep an inventory. There is a laundry list of equipment needed on the farm, some of it you use regularly and some spends more time in storage than in use. If a thief takes something you don’t use often, you may not notice for a long time, making it more difficult for police to recover. An inventory that is regularly checked will help you stay on top of your equipment.

Mark your property. The FBI has established an owner applied number (OAN) program where, once registered, you’re issued a number that you can stamp onto all of your equipment to easily identify it and deter thieves.

Neighborhood watch. One great way to promote security, a sense of community, and deter thieves is to have an active neighborhood watch. Report suspicious activity, inform your neighbors of any thefts, and keep your local police department up-to-date. There’s strength in numbers!

When it comes to farm security, being proactive is your best defense. Stay up to date and informed, and make sure you have all the protection your farm deserves.

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