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Internship/Co-op Program at AmFam

I feel that interning at American family insurance has given me that platform to practice whatever i have made through my undergraduate and my graduate program I'm a math major in the marketing internship so this has been a really neat opportunity to kind of see what's out there I've got to do a lot of job shadows a lot of meet and greets with different areas of the company you're not just sitting there reading a book reading research going over presentations you are doing doing doing and you are learning while you're doing it a part of my internship is actually presenting to some teams on Millennials perspectives on shopping for insurance since we are part of that generation I kind of wanted our thoughts and you know what we're doing what's working and what we could be doing better an American family it's a very good place for you to grow as an individual and also as a professional in your chosen career I feel that I'm working on projects that are contributing to the company contributing to the success of our team and even impacting our customers too I can definitely say that the campus here of American families are very motivating campus if you need to get a little time away from your desk go for a quick walk around the pond what's been nice flexibility and the atmosphere that I really enjoy four in ten activities we were taking on a trip to gym bag they do a lot of like resume building events they do career opportunities they have their crafting nights so they just have a lot of variety in the events that they hold we all do have dreams we all dream about having something only something being somewhere and through that experience I realize that you do dream but then you need to protect that dream which is what the dream Park experience was all about American family holds volunteering so highway and gives us time to do that it was great to interact with the people in our community who really needed that extra assistance and to interact with them and get to know all the people who come in not only am I getting that professional experience i'm also getting that soft skill allows you being able to care for the community in which you're working that's a great company the people who work here are made they're all they're dedicated to their jobs I would highly recommend an internship here at American family absolutely it's been just such an eye-opening experience I've been so welcomed here and I really learning more than I ever thought I would in a three month time period I come to like everyday being happy I'm actually excited to get out of there get dressed and get to work I just love my job here because it environments is very welcoming that people are great so it's a great place to work.

Internship/Co-op Program

With positions ranging from IT, HR, and Actuary to Finance, Marketing, Communications, and more, American Family offers endless exciting internship and co-op opportunities for students in every field of study.

Internship positions are typically 10-12 weeks in length and begin in May and June. Our co-op positions typically begin in January and July and offer a longer-term work experience — typically six months. Both unique opportunities provide work experience that is directly related to the degree you are pursuing.

We want our interns/co-ops to challenge us by bringing their curiosity, courage, and passion to their key projects. At the end of the internship and co-op program, our goal is to transition high-performing interns/co-ops into full-time positions upon graduation.

Why American Family?

Be a part of an award-winning team.
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Earn competitive compensation.
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Receive personalized mentorship and coaching.
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Gain exposure to a large variety of business areas.
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Be a force for good with employee volunteer opportunities.
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Why join the American Family team?

We Are Looking for Students Who Are:


Highly Driven

We are focused and passionate in driving the actions that will move our business forward
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Passionate & Inclusive

We encourage and embrace the power of diverse ideas formed through unique experiences and backgrounds


We proactively seek to transform our business in new and meaningful ways
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Share Core Values

We believe that how we treat one another is just as important as what we deliver to our customers

What Our Interns Think

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Jordan Ellett

Social impact summer 2020 student intern

“I would recommend the internship program to anyone who wants to gain great professional experience, grow within themselves, and make an impact for good that will outlast themselves.”

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Kimberly Souravong

Sales analyst summer 2020 student intern

“They are easy going, relaxed, give you a good laugh, and create a comfortable environment to work in. If I have any questions, they try to be the most helpful they can be. I like that I can be myself around others and feel accepted.”

a man with brown hair

Jack Maastricht

Claims performance results analyst

“During my internship, I found that Amfam is a workplace that encouraged my professional growth and has a great workplace environment. The people I work with daily are friendly, professional, and truly wonderful people to interact with every day. That made choosing to join the Amfam Enterprise an easy decision."

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Mikayla Frick

Inclusive excellence consultant

“My favorite thing about working at the American Family Enterprise so far has been being able to show up as myself, 100% of the time every day. From getting to do work that is meaningful to me to sharing my family’s immigration story on a company-wide platform — I truly believe that I am embraced and that my unique perspectives are valued by the organization. It is a great feeling to be able to recognize my differences as my competitive advantage as an emerging professional.”

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Marty Strey

Life product management summer 2020 student intern

“My experience at AmFam thus far has been defined by the amazing people that I work with. Everyone has been so friendly and helpful during a time where I must adapt to a virtual environment for this internship. I have formed great relationships with my co-workers as well as enhanced my knowledge of the insurance industry.”

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Kat Krska

Enterprise marketing summer 2020 student intern

“It’s really motivating working at a company that values their interns and employees so much. American Family really cares about their employees on a deeper level than I’ve seen in most companies and it makes a difference. The company culture here is supportive, compassionate, and driven. They really value diversity which means everything to me and it’s incredible being able to work with people of all different backgrounds.”